Dr Mousa and Mayor miller

Dr. George Y. Mousa

Dr Mousa received his Ph.D from the University of Western Ontario.

Then he did research about cataract formation. Afterwards he joined the New England College of Optometry where he received his Doctor of Optometry degree.

After teaching three years at the University of Waterloo, Dr Mousa Started a private practice in Toronto in 1984. Ever since,Dr. Mousa has done research in the areas of contact lenses and migraine headaches and he has published many papers.

Dr Mousa and Mayor miller certificate

Dr Mousa is a family run practice, serving patients with exceptional care for the last 30 years. Eyecare can be complicated, Dr. Mousa makes it easy to understand. He'll check your eyes, talk you through the process, and recommend the right eye-care for you.

Dr. Mousa loves to talk about eyes too, so feel free to ask them lots of questions. We specialise in providing professional eye care, whilst offering an extensive range of high quality services including Vision Therapy for all ages, Orthokeratology, Childrens' Eye Screening, Glaucoma Screening, and Contact Lenses.

Dr. Mousa can be visited at 4 different locations: His Bloor Street office is located at - Bloor Street Office, his St Clare office is loaced at - St Clare Street Office, his Newmarket Office is loaced at - 17940 Yonge Street, his Vaughan Office is loaced at - 101 Edgeley Blvd.