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Toronto Eye Examinations

20/20 just means what a person with normal vision should be able to see at 20 feet. There's so much more to healthy vision than 20/20!

Eye examinations usually require 45 minutes for the first consultation, which includes comprensive assesment of your vision function, as well as investigation of your external and internal eye health, including tests for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and eye signs of general health such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Vision Assessment

Vision Assessment includes a comprehensive questionnaire of your vision and eye concerns, general health and medicines, visual demands (reading, hobbies, occupational vision demands such as computer use, and sports), family eye history, and previous use of glasses or contact lenses.

An extensive testing program is then used to check your sharpness of sight, prescription for glasses and/or contact lenses, eye coordination, focusing ability, and eye movements.

Eye Health Assessment

Eye Health Assessment includes a careful examination of your external eye condition, pupil reactions, lenses for signs of cataract, optic nerve, and retina and macula for signs of eye disease.

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